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Want a better way to be in relationship?

Feel stuck in an unhappy situation?

Need to heal a broken heart?

Discover how to choose love again through the power of an iTransPlay Intensive.
Designed for you: as an individual or couple.

We offer residential intensives and phone sessions to get your life back on track, to help you make a fresh new start.

Welcome to our heart space

We are Bunny Sjogren and Jane Mutti.
Foxglove on Parker IslandTogether we offer intuitive, process oriented
transformational intensives.

We provide an inspiring and nurturing environment both emotionally and physically. Our home is a place where you can relax and trust your unfolding process - where you can have fun while you go deep to do your healing.

Our sessions are based on the principles of
Willingness, Accountability, Choice, Forgiveness, Perception, Love, and Laughter. The work flows from inspiration and is solidly grounded in living and study of
A Course In Miracles and Psychology of Vision.

We focus on empowering relationships,
healing broken hearts, dissolving judgement
through true forgiveness, experiencing wholeness,
oneness and living our purpose.

We bring our know-how, conviction and passion to the people we guide.

To discover if this is the path for you we recommend these steps.

1  Read through our free report (coming soon) on The Seven Significant Keys to see if you resonate with our approach.

2  Go to our Intensives page to learn what an intensive is, where it is held and what your investment will be.

Contact us to ask any further questions and tell us of your needs, your wishes, your desires.

4  Go within and ask if this is right for you, if this is your next step. You do have an inner voice and when asked, an answer will be given.

5  If a residential intensive is your next step, schedule an appointment for a free mini-session.

"When you want only love
You will see nothing else."